DoF 2: Coffee and Cake

Flavors of a city evening:

  • 1st Cake & tea appears
  • Sirens pass
  • People relish the passing warmth
  • Swifts call
  • Pigeons coo
  • Closing windows reflect last beams of the sun
  • Chocolate taste
  • Flower scent blends with neighbors dinner
  • Thoughts caught between the past and future
  • 2nd cake & lemonade disappears
Swifts speed through the streets and announce the emerging thunderstorm.

I made some city photos and like the following quite a lot:

There is a lot going on. Old and new mix: In the foreground, and the background. Glimpses insight are allowed by the low-standing sun, outside mirrors in the polished windows. Remains of the last visitors are present, while new guests are awaited eagerly after a period of little freedom. In fact, I liked it so much that I printed it big directly afterwards:

Cake from the best cafe in town with lots of vegan options! (However, the two shown here are not vegan…).

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